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Our goal is to hire more people in a shorter amount of time. The sellathonconsulting.com platform helps healthcare firms of all sizes acquire personnel more quickly. Having faith in people. We're developing technologies to help people connect and create better work environments for everyone. We preserve the human factor in everything we make because recruiting is a people business. Our team is on a mission to help people open doors. Instead of linking people to jobs, we connect people to people in the greatest way we know how. At Sellathon Consulting, we bring individuals together from all walks of life and from all over the world. We aim to create a product that makes a difference and contributes to a more just and equitable future for all of us. We pledged to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and to work with clients that share our commitment to the law and the spirit of equal opportunity employment.Furthermore, we believe that as we grow as a company, we will be successful if we can tap into and magnify a diverse spectrum of viewpoints, both internally and outside. We are a tiny company, but we are fortunate to have a dynamic and imaginative team of people from all backgrounds. People from all walks of life are welcome to apply for internal positions as well as client ones. We're also interested in establishing new approaches to improve fairness in our hiring practises, such as quantitative assessments, bias training, and decreasing prejudice from new virtual tools like video interviewing that we offer. JOHN MARIYADOSS started Sellathon Consulting in 2018. It's been a crazy ride from a one-man operation operating out of a bedroom to where we are now, a private limited company employing about 50 employees and serving clients across India. Recruiting is in our blood; the majority of our employees have extensive experience with online recruiting and technology. Our ambition to better connect people to generate fantastic employment matches inspires us every day. We also like our pastimes! Musicians, programmers, writers, presenters, mathematicians, gardeners, parachuters, runners, hikers, sports fans, backyard chicken farmers, and photographers are among our workforce. Sellathon Consulting is first and foremost a family business, with many dedicated parents raising the next generation of Sellathon Consulting interns. Sellathon Consulting's headquarters are now in Chennai City, however employees are allowed to live and work wherever they desire. We place a high importance on our employees and are assembling a varied group of dedicated, forward-thinking individuals.

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